Invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Tax Free

Invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Tax Free

Did you know that you could use money from a self-directed IRA account to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds? I’ve interviewed retirement account specialists from two different self-directed IRA companies; EntrustCAMA and Equity Trust Company, and I’ve learned that it is possible to invest tax free in tax lien certificates and tax deeds with a self-directed IRA.

If you use money from a regular self-directed IRA account to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds, than your money grows tax free until you withdraw from your account after retirement. But, if you use money from a Roth self-directed IRA, and you do not take any withdrawals until retirement age – you do not pay any taxes on your profits! So if you are using tax lien or tax deed investing as a way to save for your retirement, you need to look into this.

Although many brokerages will say that they have self-directed IRA accounts, they are not true self-directed accounts. You can only invest in anything that they sell. A true self-directed retirement account will allow you to invest in anything that is not prohibited by law. Allowable investments include real estate, tax lien certificates, tax deeds, and notes, along with other of the more usual investments. True self-directed IRA companies are prohibited to sell you investments. They can recommend types of investments that you can use your self-directed IRA for and show you how to do the paper work for them, but they are not allowed to make a commission on what you buy. There are only a handful of these companies in the country. I personally only know of three of them and I’m familiar with only two. I’ll tell you how to find out more about these two companies later.

You might be wondering if you can transfer or “roll-over” money from your present 401k or IRA into a self-directed IRA with one of these companies. What I’ve been told from retirement account specialists is that you can only roll over money from your 401k if you are no longer working for the company that your retirement account was set up with. I know that you can roll over money from a regular IRA account into a self-directed IRA because I’ve recently done that. I took money from my IRA account with TDAmeritrade and rolled it over into a new self-directed IRA account with EntrustCAMA. It was easy to do. I was able to transfer the money when I opened my new account. I downloaded the forms that I needed from their web site and mailed them in. They took care of the rest.

You also might be wondering if there are any fees associated with opening and maintaining a self-directed IRA. Yes there are some fees, but they are minimal compared to the taxes that you would be paying the government on your investment income or capital gains. Each of these companies handles fees differently and in order to see which company would work better for you, I suggest that you visit their web site or talk to a representative.

You can find out more about EntrustCama at and you can listen to a free teleseminar/interview with Carl Fischer of EntrustCAMA at You can find out more about Equity Trust Company at and you can listen to a free teleseminar/interview Liz Koos of Equity Trust Company at

Joanne Musa works with people who want to build an extremely profitable portfolio of tax lien certificates or tax deeds FAST. She is the author of the Tax Lien Investing Basics system for learning how to invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds for maximum profit, and founder of Tax Lien Consulting LLC, a consulting company specializing in tax lien investing coaching and education. Go to for more information about tax lien investing.

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Finding High Return Investments Before Others Do, Angel Investing

Finding High Return Investments Before Others Do, Angel Investing

Everyone knows that investing in ventures that make one’s money grow is an excellent means of securing one’s future. What escapes many investors is the understanding that powerful opportunities exist online which have the ability to greatly increase returns. Many of which have the ability to greatly outperform investments touted by the big firms.
Knowing they exist but not knowing quite how to find them is the reason for much frustration for investors seeking such opportunities.
However today, it is easier than ever. When you know where to look.

In this Internet age, search engines have been tools utilized to locate all types of information. So I thought, why not use search engines to look for viable investment opportunities as well. I was really surprised at what I found in my exploration of this concept. Sure, I know readers of this article are thinking. The Internet has been used for investment information from the beginning. I know that.

On this journey, however, I avoided searching for the investing related terms millions of other investors search for. I essentially tried to get off of the beaten path. I avoided terms such as; AMERITRADE, Ameritrade, TDAMERITRADE, TD Waterhouse, Online Trading, Online Stock Trading, Online Investing, Online Trading Services, Stock Trading, Buy Stock, Trade Stock, Stocks, Stock Market Trading, Online Trades, Investing, Investment, Investments, Online Investment, Stock Investing, Mutual Funds, IRA, Roth IRA, Online Trading Tools, Option Trading, Broker Services, Online Broker, Online Stock Broker, Online Brokerage, Stock Market, Active Investing, Active Trading, and Online Stock Research.

I attempted to look for those investment opportunities that I knew had to be slipping under investor radar. I searched words like “Invention needs manufacturer”, “invention needs investors”, “Invention needs funds” and “Invention seeks funding”. Initially, I thought it strange that the results I was finding existed on sites like, and a less known website called Thinking that this was too easy, I investigated it further to determine whether this was just some quacks with an “underwater basket weaving gadget” or whether they were legitimate investment opportunities that had merit.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the opportunities were legitimate ventures that if funded and managed well could easily become the next big thing. Two opportunities that really stick out in my opinion are two investment opportunities that I found clearly listed on The inventor makes a compelling case.

Investment Opportunity 1


Investment Opportunity 1 (investment info)


Investment Opportunity 2


There is a diverse assortment of investment opportunities but I chose to highlight these two because they clearly represent an extraordinary range of investment opportunities that exist online.


The name of the investing game is “high returns”. Excellent opportunities exist for those investors that would like to add powerful additions to their portfolios. Angel investors looking for the next big thing need only change the keywords they use to search for it.

The author, Bob Winston, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses and strategies. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of music downloads at

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Investment FAQ

Investment FAQ

How to research a stock for PETM on Yahoo nouns site?
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i am trying to get close to 100$ fast.i want to progress to a concert and i want to buy tickets.

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How to step up my Forex winter sport?
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How to study a stock?
If i plan to buy a stock , what are the parameters which determine it is dutiful stock. Which of the parameter i need to look Like P/E Fwd P/E Mkt Cap 52 week high-ranking /low Beta EPS Relative strength Dividend…

How weak do you enjoy to be to interested a brokerage rationalization?
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How will a stock bazaar crash effect America?
The average American that dose not have any stocks?

How will green stocks accomplish surrounded by a recession?
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How would i attain caught surrounded by export tax within stock.?
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How would i buy NASDAQ or S&P stocks? Do I dance to my wall or can I buy them on the internet?
The name saids it adjectives.. please help!

How would you attraction a buissness?
how many years is it base on say a company earn 50k profit a year how would you value that company

How would you start a small asset organization company?
I would like to hold out my services to buy and sell stocks for others.. how should i do this?

I am confused almost chance trading contained by stock mkt.?
i am still confused about selection trading I know when u r bullish about a stock ,u can buy call for option or get rid of put option. Suppose I deduce…

I am 14 years of age and I be wondering if I could invest within stock. Like a small amount. Is that possible?
I have SOME money and I would approaching to invest it. I could invest like 50-100 dollars. What do you devise?? Thank…

I am 17 and I believe that investing contained by business, etc. will breed you richer… not as an member of staff lone, agree?
Ok.. well, I am 17 years hoary and here is what I have done so far, I own invested in mutual funds…

I am 17. Can I own my custodial statement using my own edge vindication and money? Also Maryland UTMA ruling?
The UTMA law for custodial accounts have my parent/guardian/adult managing the account, but I own done research into the market and watch for over…

I am 18, and own 00 to invest. What should I put it surrounded by?
I am looking for something that can offer me some sort of return on a 00 investment. I am looking for a short residence commitment ( > 6 months), and something…

I am 30yr hoary i inevitability to enlarge retirement commentary involve relief ?
i do not know anything about retirement … i am married and self employed… so afford me some info about this. how much do i entail to invest at this age. and where…

I am 66 years hoary and interested contained by investing monies, what is a fitting intertwine that I can use?
Money markets, bonds, tresury bills, cd’s etc

I am a biginer within share trading. What is the decide factor when we buy a company shares?
Dear Friends, I am a biginer in share trading. What is the decide factor when we buy a company shares? also want to know what is book value…

I am a clean user to scottrade beside 500$…WHAT STOCK SHOULD I BUY..?
keep within mind i only enjoy about 450$ of that to invest surrounded by stocks so preferable a smaller penny stock so i can actually cause money

I am a greek citizen and i want to unfold a cd justification surrounded by europe, which country give the best interest rate an
d what are the requirements to do so/// i have an amount close to 500.000 usd. to invest. thank you…

I am a true developer and builder next to fixed money. Can I formulate a group which invest together to earn more.?
I am from jodhpur/Rajasthan/India. I am a true & good developer as very well as builder with predetermined money. Can I make a…

I am coming into a massive amount of money and i do not want to blow it!?
Does anyone know of any good investments i can put together, or what i can do to make sure i own a financially stable future foe my son and…

I am hoping to emmigrate soon and want to know where on earth I can attain the best returns?
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I am interested surrounded by investing contained by a few stocks.?
Is this a good hypothesis? If so then which one(s)?How much money should i start next to? What company should i use to do this(i.e. TDameritrade, Scottrade, etc.?

I am looking forword for short residence contained by share mkt which one should i travel for and if long permanent status which one?
would i go beside reliance for long term

I am looking for a broker providing API’s to trade surrounded by multiple stock exchanges within Europe?
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I am looking for a steady investment that would produce 3600.00 to 5000.00 per month.?
Does anyone have any recommendation to produce steady income with low risk? I do not want a large amount of overhead.

More Investment and Investing Q&A Please visit :

Economic recovery? With fingers crossed, they say the worst is behind us. Maybe it’s time to get back in the market. Visit TD AMERITRADE to learn about their objective tools and guidance.

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