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Fast, Free Online Insurance Comparison — Now in Spanish

Fast, Free Online Insurance Comparison — Now in Spanish, an independent resource for comparing insurance quotes, announces its easy-to-use online application is now available in Spanish.

“Here at WeCompareInsurance we are very pleased to offer our application in Spanish,” says Sharlene Baker, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of WeCompareInsurance. “We feel this market is under served, and in these difficult economic times we think it’s important to make it easier for our Spanish speaking users to fill out the free insurance application on our web site, and find out how much money they can save.”

The WeCompareInsurance application process is provided at no cost to website visitors seeking insurance and takes about five minutes. The application is presented to hundreds of insurance providers and brokers, and the top five offers based on each individual application are immediately returned for review.

Baker adds, “We are always searching for ways to help everyone looking for insurance find the best policy for their needs.”

In both Spanish and English offers:

1. A quick and easy online application process.
2. Access to hundreds of insurance providers and brokers ranging from companies with nationwide reach to brokers located right in your neighborhood.
3. The opportunity to compare insurance quotes soon after completing your individual application.

Every insurance application is different. WeCompareInsurance excels in getting each application to insurance providers who can best meet those insurance needs.

About was founded in early 2006 and is dedicated to providing free, fast and highly competitive quotes for seekers of auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and renters insurance. The company offers its free online application in both English and Spanish and provides its customers with the opportunity to compare insurance quotes from hundreds of competing insurance providers. WeCompareInsurance excels at matching insurance seekers needs to insurance providers offering great insurance quotes.

Compare Insurance Quotes/Plans Online – FREE Multiple Competing Insurance Quotes For Car/Auto Insurance, Home Insurance Plans, Compare Life Insurance, Health Insurance And Renters Insurance Quotes. Provides Insurance Quotes Comparison Facilities for Car Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Renters Insurance at –

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Free Stock Trades Has Opened Avenues For Stock Trading For Everyone

Free Stock Trades Has Opened Avenues For Stock Trading For Everyone

Stock trading has always been a highly risky business because many people have not only made money in stocks but many more have actually lost millions. With a market that is always volatile and with the bear and the bull locking horns, and recession, the stock market scenario is not looking too bright. But then this is also the time when people can make money in stock if they play the right cards. Hence, free stock trades is being considered as an option to help people make the most of stock trading in these turbulent times.

In spite of the recession and the downfall in the price of the stocks, the stock market is open and people across the world are buying and selling stocks. Even you can get into stock trading because it is not advanced mathematics or Greek and there is not occupation, age or demographical barriers. But then stock trading can be an expensive option especially when you have to pay a fee to stock traders. But the good news is that there are several top companies who are offering the option of free stock trades.

Different companies have different rules for free stock trades and you can’t expect the free trades to just land in your lap like that. For example: one of the leaders in free trades Zecco requires you to have accumulated a minimum of ,000 in your Zecco trading account. Once you reach that sum you will be offered at least 10 free stock trades every month. But that’s not it; if you have not managed to hit the ,000 mark, even then you can trade stock at .50, which is one of the lowest prices.

In the near past several stock trading companies have offered free commissions. Some of the famous companies who have made similar offers include and Ameriprise, the latter being a unit of American Express. But the truth is that offering free commissions never really met any success. But off late, Zecco is doing exactly that: it is offering free stock trades each month if you have a certain amount of sum in your account. This option is available for stocks as well as ETFs. You will get the opportunity to use as many as 10 free stock trades each month when you are able to maintain a particular amount as balance in your account. This amount varies from one company to another. In some of the companies, the free trade offer is available only with your first account in different types of accounts.

At Bank of America, you can get as many as 30 free stock trades each month if you have a minimum balance of ,000 in your account. If you don’t have the amount required for free trades then you will end up paying .00 per trade. There are several banks these days who offer free stock trades but before you jump in, do a quick comparison of the benefits offered by each of the banks.

Have you considered free stock trades ? This is your opportunity to make a fortune in the stock market using free stock trades.

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Invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Tax Free

Invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Tax Free

Did you know that you could use money from a self-directed IRA account to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds? I’ve interviewed retirement account specialists from two different self-directed IRA companies; EntrustCAMA and Equity Trust Company, and I’ve learned that it is possible to invest tax free in tax lien certificates and tax deeds with a self-directed IRA.

If you use money from a regular self-directed IRA account to invest in tax lien certificates or tax deeds, than your money grows tax free until you withdraw from your account after retirement. But, if you use money from a Roth self-directed IRA, and you do not take any withdrawals until retirement age – you do not pay any taxes on your profits! So if you are using tax lien or tax deed investing as a way to save for your retirement, you need to look into this.

Although many brokerages will say that they have self-directed IRA accounts, they are not true self-directed accounts. You can only invest in anything that they sell. A true self-directed retirement account will allow you to invest in anything that is not prohibited by law. Allowable investments include real estate, tax lien certificates, tax deeds, and notes, along with other of the more usual investments. True self-directed IRA companies are prohibited to sell you investments. They can recommend types of investments that you can use your self-directed IRA for and show you how to do the paper work for them, but they are not allowed to make a commission on what you buy. There are only a handful of these companies in the country. I personally only know of three of them and I’m familiar with only two. I’ll tell you how to find out more about these two companies later.

You might be wondering if you can transfer or “roll-over” money from your present 401k or IRA into a self-directed IRA with one of these companies. What I’ve been told from retirement account specialists is that you can only roll over money from your 401k if you are no longer working for the company that your retirement account was set up with. I know that you can roll over money from a regular IRA account into a self-directed IRA because I’ve recently done that. I took money from my IRA account with TDAmeritrade and rolled it over into a new self-directed IRA account with EntrustCAMA. It was easy to do. I was able to transfer the money when I opened my new account. I downloaded the forms that I needed from their web site and mailed them in. They took care of the rest.

You also might be wondering if there are any fees associated with opening and maintaining a self-directed IRA. Yes there are some fees, but they are minimal compared to the taxes that you would be paying the government on your investment income or capital gains. Each of these companies handles fees differently and in order to see which company would work better for you, I suggest that you visit their web site or talk to a representative.

You can find out more about EntrustCama at and you can listen to a free teleseminar/interview with Carl Fischer of EntrustCAMA at You can find out more about Equity Trust Company at and you can listen to a free teleseminar/interview Liz Koos of Equity Trust Company at

Joanne Musa works with people who want to build an extremely profitable portfolio of tax lien certificates or tax deeds FAST. She is the author of the Tax Lien Investing Basics system for learning how to invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds for maximum profit, and founder of Tax Lien Consulting LLC, a consulting company specializing in tax lien investing coaching and education. Go to for more information about tax lien investing.

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Free Trading Education & Practice in Real Time

Free Trading Education & Practice in Real Time

Do you Need Real Time in Your Online Trading Account?

A new trader should prepare him/herself by training in a demo or paperTrade account which allows him/her to execute trades in the market in real time without investing from his/her own pocket. With the advancements of the latest internet technology, many people around the world are gaining access to online trading platforms via their computer. The availability of high-speed internet connections at home has increased the popularity of trading online. Anyone with little or no knowledge of trading can start to learn by using demo / paperTRADE accounts and become an expert on the systems in no time. Earning money from trading using the internet has become very easy and risks reduced if you know how to do it properly.

In order to become a successful trader you need to take it seriously and practice hard with a paperTRADE account, study the experts, watch video tutorials and read educational materials. Its best if you can get all these in one package as it simplifies your learning and keeps a coherent voice in the teaching.

Seems good, but where can I find them?

Well, if you search on the web for the term paperTRADE account you are very close to it; in fact, just one click away. Just click, register for a free, no risk account and start paperTrading in the real market using preloaded, practice money in your account. The money is preloaded (,000 of fake dollars) by the system, not from your pocket. So don’t worry, trade as much as possible :). You can learn from many video tutorials, live support webinars and written education. The system even has built in help at every step, just click on any “?” in the system to learn more about that specific feature.

While there are many online trading platforms offering these type of services – free trading accounts – very few offer real time market information and execution. When it comes to education to help you Learn to Trade Options online training manuals there are archived webinars, written courses and more available for anyone interested in starting to trade or one who is already experienced but wants to refresh themselves on the latest trading features or delve into more complex strategies.
There are also many Trading video tutorials made and uploaded on youtube by experts. These are excellent places for you to start getting yourself ready for trading in the real market.

It is necessary for new traders to learn the trading basics properly if they want to save themselves from losing their hard earned dollars.

So if you are serious about trading, and not willing to end up losing your hard-earned money, you MUST start with a paperTRADE trading account, follow the simple instructions to register, watch the online videos and read the many tutorials to be ready to practice trading using the online trading platform. Where else can you get a feel for the market using ,000 and not have any risk?

Experts say, Practice…….Practice…….Practice! Learning to trade is no exception.  Don’t risk real money before you are comfortable with a trading platform, or even more…an idea!  Put your thoughts and strategies to test before entering the market with your hard-earned cash. It is that truth and simple.


Online Stock Trading and Option Trading can be risky for a new investor. Many firms offer practice accounts that should be used to test these strategies.

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