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Choosing The Best Fdic Insured High Interest Saving Account With Good Yields – Ing, Everbank, Etrade And Ally

Choosing The Best Fdic Insured High Interest Saving Account With Good Yields – Ing, Everbank, Etrade And Ally

Updated With savings rates (APY) falling due to sharp cuts in the federal fund rates – nearing 0% – it is getting harder and harder for people to earn a decent risk-free return on cash sitting in savings accounts. According to, the average savings account rate has fallen below 0.25%. What’s more, many of those once high flying internet only banks offering 8%+ APY’s have gone broke, leaving only handful of banks providing above average rates. When it comes to choosing a good high interest savings account, the first thing you must make sure is that it is FDIC insured (0,000 limit for saving accounts), charges no account keeping fees and is well capitalized/established. If the savings account meet’s these mandatory criteria, the next key factors to look at are the savings rate (APY), user experience/interface and finally convenience (which includes good customer service). With all these criteria in mind, here are my top recommended high interest rate accounts:

ING Direct has a very simple and easy to use interface, which along with its strong brand makes it amongst the most popular accounts in the market place. The new electric orange account combines their competitive APY offering along with checking and ATM features that put in direct competition with the established banks, that offer little or no interest on their checking accounts. If you want a steady and simple high interest account, then ING Direct is the one for you.

Everbank pays out higher-than-average interest rates on most of it’s savings accounts and pledges to be amongst the top 5% of all providers (which is clearly demonstrated be their recent rates). The minimum opening deposit is ,500, but after that there’s no minimum balance. A bonus for new accounts provides a special interest rate on checking for the first year, and a competitive yield on their IRA, CD and money-market savings accounts.

Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Bank) is a relatively new player in the high interest savings account space, and is providing some strong competition to the market leaders like ING Direct and HSBC Direct. There offering is quite standard relative to the leading providers but the feature I liked best was that they calculate and compound interest daily, rather than monthly or quarterly like some other big banks. The more often interest is compounded, the faster it grows. They also have the leading Certificate of Deposit (CD) offering which is good for longer term savers that like to use laddering.

ETRADE, not only offers a very competitive brokerage service, but also a top notch savings account with a straight forward multi-function user interface. Having a combined savings, brokerage and IRA account also make things very easy to manage from an administrative standpoint. This savings account is great for those who want a one-stop shop for all their financial activities.

Conclusion: I currently have my cash and emergency savings across a number of accounts, with the above being the ones I like best. With saving interest rates falling rapidly, seeking out the best yield is something I am constantly doing to maximize my returns. As rates (APY’s) change and better offers come up, I will update this post and you can keep up by subscribing via Email or RSS to get the latest articles delivered direct.

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Finding High Return Investments Before Others Do, Angel Investing

Finding High Return Investments Before Others Do, Angel Investing

Everyone knows that investing in ventures that make one’s money grow is an excellent means of securing one’s future. What escapes many investors is the understanding that powerful opportunities exist online which have the ability to greatly increase returns. Many of which have the ability to greatly outperform investments touted by the big firms.
Knowing they exist but not knowing quite how to find them is the reason for much frustration for investors seeking such opportunities.
However today, it is easier than ever. When you know where to look.

In this Internet age, search engines have been tools utilized to locate all types of information. So I thought, why not use search engines to look for viable investment opportunities as well. I was really surprised at what I found in my exploration of this concept. Sure, I know readers of this article are thinking. The Internet has been used for investment information from the beginning. I know that.

On this journey, however, I avoided searching for the investing related terms millions of other investors search for. I essentially tried to get off of the beaten path. I avoided terms such as; AMERITRADE, Ameritrade, TDAMERITRADE, TD Waterhouse, Online Trading, Online Stock Trading, Online Investing, Online Trading Services, Stock Trading, Buy Stock, Trade Stock, Stocks, Stock Market Trading, Online Trades, Investing, Investment, Investments, Online Investment, Stock Investing, Mutual Funds, IRA, Roth IRA, Online Trading Tools, Option Trading, Broker Services, Online Broker, Online Stock Broker, Online Brokerage, Stock Market, Active Investing, Active Trading, and Online Stock Research.

I attempted to look for those investment opportunities that I knew had to be slipping under investor radar. I searched words like “Invention needs manufacturer”, “invention needs investors”, “Invention needs funds” and “Invention seeks funding”. Initially, I thought it strange that the results I was finding existed on sites like, and a less known website called Thinking that this was too easy, I investigated it further to determine whether this was just some quacks with an “underwater basket weaving gadget” or whether they were legitimate investment opportunities that had merit.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the opportunities were legitimate ventures that if funded and managed well could easily become the next big thing. Two opportunities that really stick out in my opinion are two investment opportunities that I found clearly listed on The inventor makes a compelling case.

Investment Opportunity 1


Investment Opportunity 1 (investment info)


Investment Opportunity 2


There is a diverse assortment of investment opportunities but I chose to highlight these two because they clearly represent an extraordinary range of investment opportunities that exist online.


The name of the investing game is “high returns”. Excellent opportunities exist for those investors that would like to add powerful additions to their portfolios. Angel investors looking for the next big thing need only change the keywords they use to search for it.

The author, Bob Winston, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses and strategies. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of music downloads at

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