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Choosing the Right Broker for Online Trading

Choosing the Right Broker for Online Trading

Believe it or not, a very important step in increasing your financial success is by choosing an appropriate internet stock broker.

You may be asking yourself, “Well Gerbec, what makes an internet stock broker appropriate?” Three things: cost to trade, in depth analysis of your portfolio, and in depth analysis of the stock market in general. Allow me to hit on each one of these individually now.

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The first, the cost to trade a stock. I’m sure most of you have been searching the web and have come across ads where the brokerage company states, “Only a trade!”. I’m sorry, but, unfortunately this is not as straight up as it originally appears. Sure, you can pay only a trade, but, you can only trade for if you commit to a trading schedule. What does that mean? For instance, allow me to use the stock brokerage company I used to trade through: Sharebuilders.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Sharebuilders is not a bad internet stock brokerage company. The company is great for beginner’s because it has a glossary of terms and a few e-documents that explain things like options and puts. They also appeal to beginners because of their advertisement which states you can trade for only . You can trade for only , but, you have to commit to a trading schedule. Also, you only can get that deal if you commit to buying X dollars of such and such a stock every single week of the month. Basically, you will be paying a month, instead of the .95 that it usually cost to trade on sharebuilders.

So, my first advertise is, shop around, call the 800 number, and ask what it really cost to place a live trade. I would much rather save my money for a month, and buy all the stocks at one time with an additional fee of .95, then have a computer buy it for me automatically every single week for .

Second, in depth analysis of your portfolio. What exactly does this mean? Well, your portfolio is the name we give to every single stock, mutual fund, ETF, money market fund, bond fund, bond, etc. that you own. Depending on each investor’s own goals they should invest accordingly. For instance, say I have ,000 that I’m investing for my child for when he goes to college. I don’t need to touch this money for about 18 years and I also want to increase this money greatly because the cost of attending a university for four years by then will be close to 0,000. Therefore, I would invest my money in large company’s hoping for long term, aggressive growth. On the other hand, if I needed the money in a a year or two, it would be much wiser just to open a CD account and also put money in a general money market fund. Believe it or not, there are internet brokerage accounts that will analyze your portfolio according to your goals and how long until you need your money.

Third, in depth analysis of the market. Now, they may or may not give you individual analysis of stocks, but, you don’t need that. That’s what I’m for! But, some company’s make you pay for in depth reports in sectors. these reports range from .00-0.00! Make sure to look for a company that does give out these reports for FREE!

Now, if you stock around for this long, you’re in for a treat. I’m going to give you my choice for, hands down, the best stock investment firm in the nation. Ask any financial adviser and they would certainly agree. Charles Schwab.

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More Stock Market Trading System Tips:

Trading Pro System is a complete video training course and teaches the traders to trade with confidence. The comprehensive 24 hours video training provides a bunch of strategies and tactics and a lot of content about trading in the stocks and options market. The system uses simple language and is created by businessmen which imply that the secrets of winning are at your fingertips.

Stock Market Index Secret is by Karl Dittman, a 30 year veteran of stock market trading. Karl maps out a really simple ’secret’ formula that can point you at a method of targeting a stock or an index on any day and make a profit. If you follow his patterns, you can can see opportunities to take good profits.

The Secrets of Sucessful Traders Guide was preferred amongst our team of researchers. It offers the most practical stock trading advice for beginners looking to find success in the stock market without losing their house. It is a step by step instructional guide which clearly explains everything you need to know about the industry and is patiently explained in detail to ensure that you are fully aware of how the stock market works before making your first investment.

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Forex Trading on the foreign exchange market with the right online broker

Forex Trading on the foreign exchange market with the right online broker

The foreign exchange market is one of the world’s largest financial markets. Thanks to its high volume of money and most other commercial markets, such as the famous stock market on the exchange.

The foreign exchange or forex market is a so-called interbank market network. It is used by various countries, banks and private investors. Traded, different currencies, such as including various international currency pairs, USD (among other well-known currencies like the yen and pound) or raw materials such as unteranderem oil, gold and silver. The currency and raw material selection is from private investors, or “Forex” referred to by the respective Forex Broker dependent.

With this trade options, which include futures, determined by supply and demand on the trade market. All traded currencies and the price of courses operate in real time. Therefore, so-called Forex tools for individual traders an indispensable means to the overall market, but also the individual currency and commodity areas to keep an overview. The trader receives helpful information about the current price of a currency and its probable future price trends. Utilities are here Forex Realtime Forex Tools, informative charts and news from the financial and economic sector. Straight news has focused a significant impact on the price of each traded currency pairs and commodities, as the market in a specific trade news and respond accordingly in the foreign exchange market. The FX Economic Calendar, which of various forex brokers (eg: are eToro Forex Yard and offered) to give, FX traders with important information and relevant data in calendar days. This information will be crucial factors in trading foreign exchange trader.

Which broker is the right thing? On what to look for in choosing the right broker?

If you have found himself dropped in the foreign exchange market, you have to choose only a broker. What, however, is the most ideal broker that offers the service you require, with all its features? The question is, for most young investors not an easy issue and should be considered good! Find out before choosing a broker about their services and service levels, and their condition structure. Also the support on the part of the broker should be a deciding factor for you. Many brokers will provide only a poor online support on the website. Telephone, email, fax support, or direct contact through chat programs like Skype or ICQ are good decision factors in favor of a broker.

In what must be respected especially when the broker of choice?

Not only the support of the individual broker should convince you, but rather the conditions of each broker for a real account. Many brokers are already selling a real account with a deposit of 500-100 U.S. dollars. The deposit is usually by bank transfer, PayPal or other money transactions are made in order to enable a quick trade in the Forex account.

The number of currency pairs, which can be traded, should be respected by the future trader, if you want to opt for certain currencies. Many brokers, however, provide their traders with an account that a large number of currency pairs to (usually over 20 different currency pairs). This applies also for the world’s traded commodities such as oil, gold or silver, which are not offered by each foreign exchange broker to act. Most suppliers in the foreign exchange offer your customers a free real account at no additional management costs. Only a few brokers charge account maintenance fees.

Are you still not a professional Forex Trader and have no experience to the currency market, it is worthwhile first experience with a Forex demo account to gain. Most brokers offer a so-called demo account traded with play money, which you can trade play with real price data in the foreign exchange market.

Find out before opening a forex account which currency pairs and commodities offered by the Forex broker and what spreads and account terms. Especially with about trading “spreads” the broker differ greatly from each other in comparison! Compare, therefore, all Broker! You look at all your important currency pairs and their spreads, and compare it to the other Forex brokers.

forex trading blog Forex Broker Comparison. AitherSEFX uses the advanced technology of multiple CPU powers with the cloud computing system.

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Finding The Right Online Stock Broker

Finding The Right Online Stock Broker

How To Find A Broker That Works For You

The online stock market is a good moneymaking playground to join these days, but oftentimes it may seem all too chaotic and confusing, especially to those who are new to it. With too many options to consider, making decisions about buying and selling shares in this arena can be a challenge. Finding a good online broker to help you make the right choices can just be as difficult.

In choosing an online stock broker, be sure to consider a few of these very important factors that may help you determine whether a broker can truly help you achieve success in trading.


Take note that all brokers charge commission fees for making the actual purchase or sale of shares of stock. This includes the discount online brokers like eTrade, Scottrade, ING Sharebuilder, and others. You will most likely be charged with a commission fee twice – first when you buy a stock, and second when you sell that same stock.

Aside from the commission fee, you will often be required to open a trading account with a minimum initial deposit, and this can range from 0 to around ,000. But if the balance in your account is less than the minimum, then your broker may charge a monthly or quarterly fee that may range from around to or higher per payment.

At the time of this writing I believe ING Sharebuilder is still offering no minimum balance and no incactivity fees either. Some brokerage firms and brokers will charge an incactivity fee for less active trading accounts.


Every online broker has a set of tools and features that will be integrated in your trading account. Some trading accounts may even offer you additional features, but sometimes, these may cost you extra. Find a broker that offers you features that you believe will benefit your trading transactions, as well as your budget.

An application called the streamer, which includes tools for streaming charts, and streaming data should usually be included in your account. This allows you to see behaviors in the stock market, such as the latest real time prices.

There are even streamers that can simplify the process by directly allowing you to buy and sell stocks without having to open other websites. Such features can be very helpful in making trades.


It also wouldn’t hurt if you choose an online broker that is more popular and known. In this way, you would be able to review their performance in the market through checking out reviews and hearing what other people have to say.

There is a huge chance that when a broker has achieved popularity, that it performs quite well in the market. Aside from this, popularity may also indicate experience in trading. Of course, you would certainly prefer to get help from a trader that has sufficient knowledge and experience in the industry.

Remember to first and foremost consider your needs as a trader and whether or not the broker you decide to use will be able to meet these needs. Financial factors, services, knowledge and experience in the online trading market are very vital for you to garner success in this arena.

Choosing a stockbroker for online trading may certainly be difficult and even overwhelming at times. But as long as you take in mind the important factors mentioned above, then you just might be able to find the right broker that can be of valuable help to you.

Here is a list of reputable discount online brokers to help get you started in your search for the online broker that is right for you:

Scottrade –

ING Sharebuilder –

TD Waterhouse –

eTrade –

Ameritrade –

Learn more about online investing and stock market strategy at Stock Market Bot –>

Michael Budd is webmaster and chief financial officer for Stock Market Bot. Articles, tips, free ebooks and software for investing can be found at

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The Well-Aligned Enterprise Using the Right Operating Principle Goes Further

The Well-Aligned Enterprise Using the Right Operating Principle Goes Further

Most organizations make it too hard for leaders and their colleagues to understand what must be done. They publish long lists of values and proper actions, but those lists overwhelm those who seek true understanding . . . especially when a new circumstance arises.

A much better approach is to identify a key operating principle that everyone can easily apply to whatever situation comes up. This not only saves time; it also encourages action over inaction.

Let’s look at an example. Charles Schwab, the discount stock broker, has always based its business on providing good service to its customers at the lowest possible cost. That’s the key operating principle that guides everything done at Charles Schwab.

It turns out that this operating philosophy is a perfect fit for what customers want and matches a key irresistible force in the brokerage industry. Let’s see why.

In the early days, the company found that customers who placed an order to buy or sell a security wanted to find out what had happened to their orders. Charles Schwab obliged its customers by placing calls promptly to let them know. To reduce its costs to provide this service, the company became a pioneer in developing computer systems to give its customers more information.

Experience with this dual approach of providing more help but at lower cost caused the company to think about other areas where customers would also like more help, at low cost. One innovation was the One Source service, where customers could buy or sell any of hundreds of mutual funds through Charles Schwab at no cost, and receive the convenience of one account statement for all these transactions. The company blossomed and became a pioneer and the early leader in Internet-based stock trading as well.

Charles Schwab continues to be a pioneer in offering new services based on computer systems that enhance service while reducing costs for everyone. That’s another breakthrough solution.

Is your enterprise effectively aligned to serve the irresistible force of customer demand for better services, more services, and lower costs?

What operating principle could you employ? Does the operating principle at Charles Schwab fit your industry’s irresistible forces?

A good way to encapsulate such a principle is to also tell a story that will exemplify the principle. At Charles Schwab, for instance, people hear about the early days of making all of those telephone calls.

Today’s version of that story was captured by a new advertisement that Charles Schwab is running on television. In the ad, a customer talks about how easy it is to consolidate retirement accounts and operate a Schwab on-line account. How does Schwab do it? They assign a concierge to do all the heavy lifting of making these changes and helping the new customer learn how to use the on-line tools.

Couldn’t you use a concierge to do heavy lifting when you are the customer?

Donald Mitchell is an author of seven books including Adventures of an Optimist, The 2,000 Percent Squared Solution, The 2,000 Percent Solution, The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise, and The Ultimate Competitive Advantage. Read about creating breakthroughs through 2,000 percent solutions and receive tips by e-mail by registering for free at .

Commercial for Charles Schwab discount brokerage, featuring the man himself at the end – 1986
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Zecco Versus Scottrade ? Which Service Is Right For You?

Zecco Versus Scottrade ? Which Service Is Right For You?

Zecco versus Scottrade – Which Service Is Right for You?

Investing remains the single best way to build a nest egg for the future.  You can choose to hand your money over to an investment broker, who will select your investments for you, but this does not give you the power to grow your own wealth.  In addition, there looms the prospect of unethical investment managers – bad investment decisions might be the least of your worries here.  A better choice is to invest your money yourself, but how do you do that the right way?

You’ll find several options out there that can give you the tools you need to make wise investments.  Two of the best options are Scottrade and Zecco.  However, these companies differ considerably.  Which is the right option for your needs?

Scottrade is the better option, though only by a narrow margin.  This company offers a few advantages over its competitor Zecco, in that Scottrade offers higher customer service, better tutorials and is more gauged for new investors.


Most consumers are familiar with the name Scottrade, thanks to the company’s extensive advertising campaigns.  The company also has a well established (and well deserved) reputation for excellent customer service.  With more than 400 offices around the nation, you will also find that there is a local office that can serve you.

Scottrade offers a few key differences from others in the investment world.  For instance, there are no fees for inactivity or for maintenance of your account (try finding that at your local bank!).  Likewise, the company offers very low margin rages.  The trade speed of the company is also quite astounding, coming in at just .66 seconds.

The flat fee is also a fantastic innovation, allowing investors to manage their investments for the lowest price possible.  In addition, you will find that it takes only 0 to open an account with the company, which makes Scottrade an excellent choice for investors on a shoestring budget, though even investors with considerable capital will find benefits here.

Perhaps the strongest point in favor of Scottrade is their dedication to providing the best customer service and support in the industry.  You can use email or call by phone to ask for help with any question that you might have.


The best customer service in the industry

Low trades

Extremely fast speeds

Low account creation amount


Service hours are limited to regular business hours

No chat support

No cell phone trading platform on option


Zecco is a bit of a newer name in the investment world, at least for some investors.  However, the company does offer some strong selling points.  While they are not as extensive as Scottrade, Zecco does offer some excellent pricing.  In addition, the company has a chat feature for support, and hosts their own online trading community where you can find advice and help, as well.

However, you will find a few shortcomings with Zecco.  First, while some of their trades are cheaper than Scottrade (.50), some are much more expensive.  Second, you will find that this company is probably not the best choice for beginning investors.  While there are several forms of support available, other companies offer better tutorials and how-to’s.  Finally, you will find that Zecco is not quite as easy to use as Scottrade, as the company is more focused toward bargain hunters than toward new investors (or even advanced investors, for that matter).


Good bargains can be found

Some lower prices than other firms


Support is not as extensive as Scottrade

Not quite as easy to use as others

And the Winner Is – Scottrade

Scottrade comes out the winner in the battle here, but only by a slight margin.  The company’s flat fee pricing is a nice thing, which helps avoid the potential high costs found with Zecco.  In addition, Scottrade’s commitment to customer service is second to none.

Feedback: – “This is an excellent choice for new traders or straight traders; they offer all kinds of educational information for new investors and low-priced trades for those that like to trade stock frequently.” – “There are a lot of online stock brokers out there but one that stands out is Scottrade.” – “For at least the last two years, J.D. Power and Associates has ranked Scottrade the “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Self-Directed Services.”

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