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“American Idols Live!” comes to Scottrade Center Aug. 25; an Aug

“American Idols Live!” comes to Scottrade Center Aug. 25; an Aug

A brand new season of AI is upon us, with new judges, new faces, and whole lot of excitement. We’ve seen past stars become real worldwide a sensation from Daughtry to Kelly Clarkson the only question is: who will be the next to claim the throne? May 26, Crystal Bowersox is poised to become one of the most improbable and a remarkable story in American Idol’s eight-year history. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze are AMERICAN IDOL’s Top 2 finalists after Casey James received the fewest of America’s more than 47 million votes. The season’s most important performance show promises to be a night to remember as Bowersox and DeWyze face off for the IDOL crown at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE Tuesday, May 25. “American Idols Live!” comes to Scottrade Center Aug. 25; an Aug. 27 date had before been released by the tour for the St. Louis show. The tour features the top ten finalists: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, Lee DeWyze, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, and Tim Urban will hit the road this summer on the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2010. The top 10 finalists of this year’s “American Idol” will be stopping in Baltimore to perform “Idol”-style, sans the competitive edge. America’s #1 show will make 49 stops this summer at a mix of top arenas and amphitheaters across North America giving fans a chance once again to catch their favorite “Idols” performing live in a town near them. The Live Nation promoted tour begins on July 1st at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit and runs through September 14th in Pittsburgh at the Consol Energy Center. 16 year old YouTube singing sensation, Justin Bieber, made an appearance on American Idol this week and while there Bieber sang “U Smile” and “Baby Live On. Carrie Underwood has been hired to make a live performance at the next week episode of “American Idol”. The winner of the show’s fourth season will return to the “Idol” stage to deliver her single “Undo It”. Joining her to perform on May 26 before host Ryan Seacrest announces the winner of season 9 is Christina Aguilera. The 29-year-old singer comes to the singing competition in an effort to promote her June 8 release “Bionic” and she will perform one of her new songs “Not Myself Tonight”. Get your Cheap American Idols Live Tickets

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How To Trade Penny Stocks On Scottrade – Discover How to Make $500 a Day Every Single Day With Penny Stocks

How To Trade Penny Stocks On Scottrade – Discover How to Make 0 a Day Every Single Day With Penny Stocks

One thing I want to urge you to do today is to learn how to trade penny stocks and begin to make 0 a day every day. Before you get started you must understand that penny stocks are priced below one dollar and in some cases not more than . They are not traded on a stock exchange but are traded in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. In some cases, you could include only those stocks traded in the pink sheets, while some may include the entire OTC market.

To invest in penny stocks, you need the services of a broker. Penny stock brokers you can consider online include Sharebuilder, Ameritrade, Zecco, E*Trade, Scottrade, Trading Direct, LowTrades, amongst others. For example, E*Trade is a cheap broker that is good for active traders who do not need much support from customer service. E*Trade charges .99 for both market and limit orders including penny stocks on the OTCBB or pink sheets. You will be required to open an account with at least ,000. You must also ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to take care of your stock purchase and your broker’s fee.

Penny stocks provides potential to rise in value 100%, 200%, 500%, or even 1000% within a short time period. They also carry along with them some big risks. To be successful trading them, you must pick the stocks that have the best potential, least number of “red flags” and a strategy that will let you lock in solid profits and reduce risk. There is one powerful strategy you can use to reap huge profits right now!

One of the best known ways of trading penny stocks requires that you study the pink sheets. Be conversant with what is known as an investor awareness campaign. Some promotional firms are usually hired by or on behalf of traded companies to get their stories out to the press by sending out company profiles using message boards, through e-mail, chat rooms, posting relevant information on high traffic financial websites, radio and television. With the right promotional techniques, the information quickly gets to hundreds of thousands of investors overnight creating huge amounts of exposure for the company. The publicity alone is enough to skyrocket the stock prices of most companies overnight.

Last year alone, over 1400 stocks experienced price gains of over 30% in one day alone because of these publicity campaigns. Some penny stocks even moved 100% or more on the first day and later rose to more than 1000% within weeks.

In order to make over 0 a day every day from your penny stock trades, you need to get alerts on what stocks is set to explode into profitable ones. You must trade like the smart and active traders that snoop around for the right information to base their trade. Once you get the right alert you can quickly get in early before everyone else starts buying. The upside for you can be awesome.

Now, with artificial intelligence, you will be privileged to use a day trading robot to scan and evaluate the large database of penny stocks to provide you with profitable stocks to buy and sell at the appropriate time. All you have to do is wait for the alert to buy and at the right time you will receive another alert to sell making you huge profit at the end. This is the best and profitable way to trade penny stocks without burning your fingers.

Always dream of being Rich? Never able to make a Consistent Profit through trading?

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Zecco Versus Scottrade ? Which Service Is Right For You?

Zecco Versus Scottrade ? Which Service Is Right For You?

Zecco versus Scottrade – Which Service Is Right for You?

Investing remains the single best way to build a nest egg for the future.  You can choose to hand your money over to an investment broker, who will select your investments for you, but this does not give you the power to grow your own wealth.  In addition, there looms the prospect of unethical investment managers – bad investment decisions might be the least of your worries here.  A better choice is to invest your money yourself, but how do you do that the right way?

You’ll find several options out there that can give you the tools you need to make wise investments.  Two of the best options are Scottrade and Zecco.  However, these companies differ considerably.  Which is the right option for your needs?

Scottrade is the better option, though only by a narrow margin.  This company offers a few advantages over its competitor Zecco, in that Scottrade offers higher customer service, better tutorials and is more gauged for new investors.


Most consumers are familiar with the name Scottrade, thanks to the company’s extensive advertising campaigns.  The company also has a well established (and well deserved) reputation for excellent customer service.  With more than 400 offices around the nation, you will also find that there is a local office that can serve you.

Scottrade offers a few key differences from others in the investment world.  For instance, there are no fees for inactivity or for maintenance of your account (try finding that at your local bank!).  Likewise, the company offers very low margin rages.  The trade speed of the company is also quite astounding, coming in at just .66 seconds.

The flat fee is also a fantastic innovation, allowing investors to manage their investments for the lowest price possible.  In addition, you will find that it takes only 0 to open an account with the company, which makes Scottrade an excellent choice for investors on a shoestring budget, though even investors with considerable capital will find benefits here.

Perhaps the strongest point in favor of Scottrade is their dedication to providing the best customer service and support in the industry.  You can use email or call by phone to ask for help with any question that you might have.


The best customer service in the industry

Low trades

Extremely fast speeds

Low account creation amount


Service hours are limited to regular business hours

No chat support

No cell phone trading platform on option


Zecco is a bit of a newer name in the investment world, at least for some investors.  However, the company does offer some strong selling points.  While they are not as extensive as Scottrade, Zecco does offer some excellent pricing.  In addition, the company has a chat feature for support, and hosts their own online trading community where you can find advice and help, as well.

However, you will find a few shortcomings with Zecco.  First, while some of their trades are cheaper than Scottrade (.50), some are much more expensive.  Second, you will find that this company is probably not the best choice for beginning investors.  While there are several forms of support available, other companies offer better tutorials and how-to’s.  Finally, you will find that Zecco is not quite as easy to use as Scottrade, as the company is more focused toward bargain hunters than toward new investors (or even advanced investors, for that matter).


Good bargains can be found

Some lower prices than other firms


Support is not as extensive as Scottrade

Not quite as easy to use as others

And the Winner Is – Scottrade

Scottrade comes out the winner in the battle here, but only by a slight margin.  The company’s flat fee pricing is a nice thing, which helps avoid the potential high costs found with Zecco.  In addition, Scottrade’s commitment to customer service is second to none.

Feedback: – “This is an excellent choice for new traders or straight traders; they offer all kinds of educational information for new investors and low-priced trades for those that like to trade stock frequently.” – “There are a lot of online stock brokers out there but one that stands out is Scottrade.” – “For at least the last two years, J.D. Power and Associates has ranked Scottrade the “Highest in Investor Satisfaction with Self-Directed Services.”

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