The Secret Of Productivity Worth 200-Thousand

The Secret Of Productivity Worth 200-Thousand

This write-up is all about a man named Ivy Lee. He died in 1934 – 75 years back. But certainly one of his greatest instructions lives on. And you can make use of this lesson right now to explode your efficiency and start accomplishing your goals more quickly than you ever before imagined. And I’m not only talking about exploding your production and success in the Cash Flow Industry, but each and every area in your life. To enable you to genuinely appreciate precisely how valuable this productivity technique could be in your life, let me tell you the tale of exactly how Ivy Lee came to be named an expert in productivity.

Back in the 1920’s, Charles Schwab was definitely a celebrated businessman. He started out as a stake-driver in the steel industry but by the age of 35 he’d already worked his way up the ladder to company president of Carnegie Steel.

After Carnegie Steel was purchased, Schwab ran the Bethlehem Steel company. With Schwab along at the helm, Bethlehem Steel took over as 2nd largest steel production firm on the planet and Schwab himself earned an enormous personal fortune. But he could not rest on his accomplishments. Despite converting Bethlehem Steel in to just about the most efficient companies of its time, Schwab sought out Ivy Lee and inquired him how he could easily get more things accomplished per day.

As the story goes, Ivy Lee offered him a simple productivity suggestion:

Write down all the things you want to accomplish tomorrow. Prioritize them #1-6.

Start your day by tackling the first task on the sheet; don’t proceed to #2 until #1 is finished; if you finish the initial task and there is still time left within the day, move on to the following task and proceed in the same manner. In the morning, continue to focus on your checklist – focusing on each task until it’s completed and only after that going to the following task in your list.

Train all of your staff to work the identical way; try this for just one full week and then give me a check for how much you think the recommendation will probably be worth. Charles Schwab thought the recommendation so valuable that he sent Ivy Lee a check for ,000 – the same as 6,490 in today’s money.

Naturally, many people won’t ever try this. They’ll say to themselves this really is “just too easy.” And they’ll still wonder exactly why they do not get nearly anything done.

So I would like to issue a challenge to you:

Do this for one week. Before you head to bed at night, grab an index card and write out the six most critical things you have to achieve during the very next day; leave it on your nightstand. Then, after you awaken the next morning get your checklist and pursue your plan. When you achieve every item in your list, tear it up and produce a fresh one. Try this for one week.

This genuinely is one of the most important skills you’ll have as an entrepreneur. I’ll own up, it sounds overly basic. But improving the ability to “plan your work and work your plan” is among the key rules of significant achievement in ANY endeavor.

Master this ability and you can virtually write your own ticket – in the Cash Flow Business and in each and every area in your life.

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